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Manage your church members and membership easily and also manage the Events, Activities and Church Website.

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Modern web-based church management software for small and mid-sized churches.

A complete church management solution
web admin panel + Mobile App for Users (Church Members )

Mobile App for Church Members

Enjoy the convenience of your church at home with our Mobile application.

Enjoy the convenience of your church at home with our Mobile application. The era of technology is truly blessed as your members can now have every spiritual update they need with a touch of their smartphone. Through this application, you can bring about everything that goes on in your church to the notice of the members where they can receive daily notifications, event reminders, sermon videos and audios, bulletin, view pictures of the unique church moments, etc. This app also allows members to update their own information. For example, when a member changes his house, he can update his address on the app. This application bridges the communication gap between the members and their church.

Powerful Member Directory

Connect with your fellow church-goers and gain an extensive network of contacts.

Our member directory is an essential management system that helps you to add, modify, remove, delete, edit and filter the members based on your preference. When you search for an individual or a family, you can get to know their details without any hassle and tassel. Through this app, you can bring the members of your delegation closer where they can all celebrate each other’s birthdays, anniversaries or support one other in times of difficulties.

Member Groups

Join your community members through our mobile app by creating groups based on your interests.

By using our application, you can create various member groups like the choir, ministry, fellowship, Bible study, Sunday class, discipline and many others. The group admin can manage all these groups. You can manage group activities and organize information to be sent through the application to all the members of the group. This will ensure that only the members of that group get to know particular information that goes on about.

Donations & Giving

Offer your contributions to the church online in a secure way through the church app tempor incididunt

Using this application, you can grant any donations or funds you wish to offer to the church. The application also allows you to donate under various tags like Offerings, giving campaigns, church camp, church events, etc., so that you can donate whichever area you wish to improve in the church. Through this app, you can safely transfer the money to the church’s registered account without the need to carry bulky cash with yourself.

Manage Events like a Pro

Become a connoisseur at organizing events for your church group just by sitting at home.

Using the calendar feature in the app allows you to organize and manage all the daily events that happen in the church and among the church members. One can add any upcoming events in the calendar to notify other members of the event. This feature helps to develop a user-friendly environment for the people of the church.

Your own, fully searchable, sermon library

Get full-on gear with the sermon library feature that allows you to catch up on any sermons that you have missed in the church.

The sermon library feature stores a list of the video and audio files of the sermons that have taken place in the church. Missing a sermon is a real downer for any true Christian. To appease that we have brought together the sermon library, which also includes the sermon gallery, books and people.

Broadcast Events LIVE

Stay connected with your church wherever you plan to travel in the world

Most people who have a job that includes a lot of travel would undoubtedly miss out some of the events that happen in their church. To satisfy their curiosity of knowing what had happened during the events, our application offers a feature that broadcasts the events taking place in the church live in the app. So every church member having the application on their phones can enjoy the events through live feedback.

Church Management Software as Service

Membership Subscriptions

Members can easily connect with their Church Community by registering and activating their Mobile app. Every day they could feel the holiness by a single touch.


This module helps to send message to an individual or bulk message to a group. Activity and amendments will be notified to the members frequently.


This module empowers the Church members to preach prayers and gospel to their geo location. Group prayers can also possible with this technology.

Prayer Requests

Members can request a prayer for their family desire and for their loved ones to care. This module acknowledges the prayer done by other members of the Church.

Daily Quotes

Members can delight to have the holy quotes from the Priest of the Cathedral daily. Every day will be the blessed day for the members.

Birthday Wishes

This module helps the Church people to track the Birthday of the members every day. The members can receive the blessing and wishes from the holy place in a click.

Wedding Aniversay Wishes

This module tracks the names of the members who are all celebrating their Wedding anniversary. Wishes will send to the couple separately to grace the special day.


Members can enroll their children for Sunday classes and Bible study classes. The senior fellowship members will deliver messages for the betterment of their life.


This module helps to broadcast the official notification to the members. Members can also subscribe for monthly magazines and other resources.

Audio Podcasts

Members can hear the full audio tracks of the all Sermons through their mobile app. Every day Sermons will be recorded and updated for the members access.


This tool helps the mission people track the report about the New entry, Giving contribution , involvement of the groups , Messages , Members and more.

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