Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) Does the application provide a live sermon video feature?

    The application only provides the users recorded video of the sermons and not the live sermon video that takes place. This feature of adding a live video of the sermon will be added along with future product updates

  • 2) Is the data backed up over cloud storage?

    No, the data is usually sent over to the server where it is sent to the admin via email. Your data will be safe in our server and can be recovered when required.

  • 3) Is there any limitation to storage of data? i.e. do the previously uploaded data get deleted when we upload new files into the app?

    Storage is usually based on the plan chosen by the user. They usually get stored in the server side with a fixed storage space.

  • 4) Is there any way to download member details from the application?

    No, you can export contacts of the members updates and modifications through the application.

  • 5) How is payment made through the software?

    The software does not require any internal payment and neither does it offer one. It displays the reference number after a payment has been made and also states the status of the payment as ‘Received’ or ‘Rejected’.

  • 6) Is the application supported in all mobile OS?

    Since this is the initial stage of the software, it supports only Android operating system. During the future updates, other OS compatibility will be included.

  • 7) Does starting a new group in the application involve the permission of the admin?

    Yes, every time a group is created in the application, it can only be created by the admin.

  • 8) When the app software is brought from the developers, does it grant us a lifetime usage or a periodic contract?

    The software can be brought for a lifetime and then get uploaded into the user’s server. One can also purchase the software for a monthly contract basis where the app will be uploaded into the admin’s side of the server.

  • 9) Are updates made by the developer plausible for the software once it is purchased?

    Once software is purchased for a lifetime, only errors and bug fixes are provided for the user. If the user requires any further update, then that service will come as payable only.

  • 10) How long does software support last?

    The software is supported for a duration of one year during which any errors and updates will be fixed on recommendation. Also customized updates are done if the user requests.