ChurchCMS is a Next Gen

Church Management Software

ChurchCMS is a package of tools and services that helps to manage a church effectively and engage church members using mobile technolgy solutions & cloud messaging solutions.

Improving Worship Experiences

Our primary goal is to improve worship experiences in churches. Be it a subscribed church member or a visting guest or a travelling member; by serving the rightful information at right time, we can create bigger attention and improve the worship experiences.

Organising Data

Modern server and database technologies made it easy to Organize the Church Members Data. Our solution make it easy to store, retrive, search, export the data as required. All data are secure and well protected by encryption technology. Auto backup policies are in place to prevent data loss.

Leveraging Technology

By leveraging technology, we developed the tools that help live stream the church services. Live streaming services for churches have brought new potential to all houses of worship and other religious services. Live streaming for churches lets pastors broadcast their sermon remotely to people around the world from anywhere.

Engage Better

The implement of messaging technology and in use of Mobile Applications, let the Church ministry to engage the members effectively. E-Prayers and Online Donations are the most liked features. Mobile app also serve as a great tool to improve enagement and communication between Volunteer groups.