A full featured church management software with companion Church Mobile App

Church CRM Software

Web based software solution helping the church administration team to effectively manage the database and make rightful history of records for communication and subscription details

Unlimited Members

Wheather you have 100 members or 10,000 members, add as many people. Price won't change based on members count.

Rich Information

ChurchCMS has well defined information architecture. Add info like Date of Birth, Baptism date, Wedding Anniverseries, Professional info along with Name, Address, Email and Contact Numbers

Family Info

Link the peoples as family for effective presentation and data correctness. This gives better meaning to the data and connet one to another and relates to real world family and community structure.

Robust Search

Programmed and well indexed data structure make it easy to run search combination based on multiple search fields. These data can be sorted and exported as spread sheet CSV format.

Import & Export

It is easy to import the data from existing database systems. The system also support exporting data as common CSV format.
Note: We do free data migration from existing systems. Contact support team for more details

Mass Email / Newsletter

Send email or newsletter to all the members. The church don't need to use any external newsletter or email campaign software. Email are powered with Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)

Mass Text/SMS Messages

Currently our system supports sending mass SMS through for Indian Mobile Numbers. We use MSG91 for our Text/SMS messaging services.

Church Membership Management

The key challenge in small or medium sized church is keep records of Subscription Info of church members. ChurchCMS primary role is to act as Church Membership Management Software.

Members Directory

Browse through the members directory.It supports A-Z name indexing, list view and PhotoCard View.

Member Groups

Create multiple groups ( like church volunteer groups, bible study group, fellowship groups ) and organize members.

Subscription Info

Filter the members based on the annual subscription fee paid status. Generate reports on subscription data.

Subscription Reminders

Filter the members based on the annual subscription fee paid status. Generate reports on subscription data.

Member Mobile App Access

ChurchCMS has designed a companion mobile app for Church Members. The church memeber app access can be controlled by the administrator.

Admin Dashboard

Admin portal dashboard gives the quick access the stats and counts about the Members. It also include recently joined memebers list as widget.

Birthday / Wedding Anniversary Wishes

It is easy for church admin to send the Birthday Wishes & Wedding anniversary wishes through portal.

Daily Quote / Bible Verses

Administrator can create Bible Verse for the day and schedule them in well advance. The messages will be publied to mobile app dashboard on the scheduled date and time.

Church Mobile Application

With Mobile first design approch, ChurchCMS designed an android mobile application to interact with administrator panel.

White Label Mobile Application

ChurchCMS will build a white label mobile application with your own church brand. This gives you an opprtunity to distribute the mobile app through Google Play Store.

Custom Design

ChurchCMS team will reskin the church mobile app template with your choice of brand / logo and colors. Also design Custom App Icon for Google Play distribution.

Guest Access

Church mobile app is designed for Members and Guest users. Guest users can access infomation details like Church History, Leadership/ Ministry/ Pastors Info, Location details & map.

Member Only Access

The member login in the mobile app gives access to Dashboard & Personalized Notification system. Member can also connect with Church through feedback / contact form.

Church / Ministry Info

Beautifully present the Church Info to the mobile app users. The Ministry Information, Key Officials, Contact Info are well presented for reading.

Services Info

Easily edit and publish the services info to the church mobile application. Church services info will be available for both Guest & Members.

Push Notifications

Mobile app is seemlessly integrated with ChurchCMS admin portal. All the updates like Events, Media, Quotes and Prayer Request updated through Push Notifications. Push notifications are build using Google's Firebase Technology.


E-Prayers are the key feature in ChurchCMS Mobile App. Any church member can request the community to pray for a cause. The prayer request will be posted to administrator for review. Once approved, the request will be broadcasted to all members. Members may pray and update.

Visually rich Dashboard

Church Mobile App is designed with a visually rich dashboard with easy to navigate Card Based UI Design with Badge for new/unread notification/record count.

Bible Verse / Quote of the Day

Mobile App Dashboard present the bible verse of the day as a simple slider and easy to read widget. It may be the Text Message or Image.

Event Calendar

Browse through the event calendar page and see the published upcoming events and completed events.

Event Gallery

Event gallery presents the photos of the completed event as multi-page slides.


View the available groups and check the group members info and actvities.

Video Chat Rooms

Join with fellow group member or church ministry or administrator team through Video Call Conferencing feature.


Browse trhough the available Ebooks in the bulletin section and read the Ebook PDF versions.