Is there a demand for
sermon video content in your church?

Is there a demand for sermon video content in your church?

Is there a demand for sermon video content in your church?

Every time a church member enters the church, they expect to hear the word. Many people are eager to hear the pastor begin the sermon lesson. Members may desire more than what is provided at a Saturday or Sunday event. Many churches still employ outdated techniques like audio or video recordings of sermons on CDs. After the meeting, the member can pick up the CD within a few hours. For any ministry, this can be time consuming and costly.

Many churches have switched to a new method of delivering sermon media. An app for the church. Advances in mobile technology allow us to receive sermon media in the matter of seconds.

Church apps can deliver media to your phone in a variety of ways. To begin, video can be freely uploaded to a hosting partner such as YouTube. Then, via an RSS feed, it was integrated into the church app.

The second category is sermon audios. Consider listening to your favourite pastor while preparing food, at a little league football game, mowing the yard, or at any other time when you are not physically present at church.

This also helps a member to convert a stressful situation into a time of good encouragement. Live streaming video is the final form of sermon choice.

That's correct! Many churches are creating something similar to live broadcasting with their church apps. It's actually a step forward.

Members are not supposed to watch advertisements or search for on-demand channel recordings. At the moment of the streaming live service, they can simply press one button and Wow!

As you can see, sermon media delivered via church CMS app is the latest way to give and receive sermon media. Your church is missing out if it doesn't have an app.