Top important things to look
for in a church app!

Top important things to look for in a church app!

Top important things to look for in a church app!

A mobile app can help both the church and the community it serves in a variety of ways. A churchCMS app allows the church to communicate with the community it serves outside of Sunday mornings and the four walls, regardless of time or geographical location. It's not unexpected to see the number of app instals exceed the number of members in the church as the congregation becomes more engaged with the app and begins sharing their favourite sermons, blog entries, videos, or any other aspect of the app.

If you're reading this, chances are you've already considered everything else and are sold on the idea of creating the app, and we don't need to tell you about the numerous benefits that a church app may provide. Most churches are aware that they require an app, but many are having difficulty accessing it or determining how to proceed.

We've put together a list of the top characteristics that any church app should have in order to assist you in realising your goal of creating an app for your church.

1. Requests for Prayer

The prayer request option is a great addition since it allows users to explore the app on their own time while also encouraging them to post during Sundays, youth group meetings, volunteer training sessions, and other engaging moments. When people are given the opportunity to use the app during a meeting, they not only explore it, but also share their prayers for those who are in need.

2. Live Streaming on a Smartphone

“More than one billion views per day on mobile make up more than 25% of YouTube's global watch time.” So, if you're not live streaming to mobile phones, you're missing out on all those people who could have been watching you on their smartphones and tablets.

3. Social Media Connectivity

It's natural to want to share something we like with our friends and family when we find something we appreciate. Offering church members the ability to share what they like on your app via their social media pages is a smart idea. They could be reading the Sunday sermon and tweeting their favourite chapters, or they could be sharing forthcoming events or fundraisers for various causes that your church supports.

4. Proposal for Validation

This feature could be reserved for the church's most important members or made available to everyone. This tool is a terrific method to retain a digital record of who was present on a specific day or at a unique event. If you desire to use this function solely for key members, an email system can be set up to notify people who haven't been attending the more important events in a timely manner. The "Check-Ins" might even be rewarded by sending out a push notice to everyone who has used it and providing them something like a "Coffee On The Pastor" or something like.

5. Replacement of the Sunday Post

Replace or reduce the quantity or size of the Sunday newsletters that you used to distribute to the entire church. Alternatively, you may use the app to notify members and send out announcements, sermon notes, and event schedules. Those who request it may even receive a PDF copy.

6. Giving on the Go

The aim is to send out donation requests at the proper time, based on their in-app actions. Members don't have to wait until Sunday to donate, and mobile giving is a safe, secure, and quick way to do so. When combined with a well-designed push notification, this can go a long way toward raising donations for a cause, an event, or the Church's own aid. This is a fantastic feature for church members who have relocated or are temporarily unable to give to the church or any other purpose.

7. Devotionals for All Day

Everyone has their own set of problems and challenges to deal with in life. The problems do not wait until Sunday for a respite. A devotional message or an encouraging quote can help in these situations. Send a daily devotional to the church and reach out to them on a more personal way.

8. Events/Calendar

There are possibly several calendars, including one for each church, or you may have simply one all-encompassing calendar. When you implement this type of solution, it should not only provide church members with a reminder, but also driving directions and an estimated departure time so that they can arrive on time. There's a good probability that this will boost the number of people who attend these events, bringing the community closer together and making church eves more enjoyable.

9. The Bible is a collection divinely inspired

Isn't this fairly self-evident? This is also very simple to implement. Enabling or incorporating this feature means that your church will always have access to the Bible. A number of web portals provide a digital version of the Bible. All you have to do now is choose one and utilise web-view to activate it on the mobile solution you're working on.

10. Please get in touch with us

Similar to what we said earlier, a mobile app can integrate with the phone's core features, such as GPS mapping. With a single click, you can access information such as location, driving directions, emails, and phone numbers. It is critical for churches with large campuses to have the ability to provide detailed campus tracking. When looking for the administrative block on campus, the address alone may not be sufficient. It is necessary to pinpoint a specific location on the Church grounds. For more information, go to