How to convince
your team for a new church website

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Your church may already have a website in place, but you find it is just not doing the job any longer. It is outdated and many members won’t even take a look at it. But how are you going to convince your team that it is time to update the church website and go in a new direction? Some of the things that you can bring up at a meeting with your team to help them see why a new website is so important includes?

Technology Changes Fast

Technology is changing all the time. From one year to the next, you will see a big difference. However, many churches still have a website that is ten years old or more. This means that it may be hard to work with and may not even work with some search engines at all. This can make it hard for members to even find the website and you need to do some updated.

Needs to be Mobile Friendly

Remind your team that most of your members now search for the website through their smart phones and other mobile devices. If the website is not mobile friendly, this is the perfect time to do an update and turn this around. You may need to change a few things around with your website to make it more mobile friendly so you may as well do it all at the same time.

Look at the Data

If nothing else is working, it is time to take a look at the data. You can use several tools, like Heatmap software, to analyze how the people who visit your website are behaving. It is a good way to see where, if any, engagement is happening on the website. You can look at a lot of different factors to help you figure out the places that are still doing well and which ones are struggling a bit.

Google Analytics is important here as well. This is a tool that will show you more about the number of visitors who come to the website, what the bounce rate is (or how many people click on and then click right out), and where the visitors look at when they get to your website. This can help make the decision.

Members Have Asked for a Better Site

It is possible that a few of the members on your team have asked when the website is going to be updated. When members start to notice that the website is older or that it needs some work, this is usually a big sign. If you can list out the members who have mentioned this as a problem, it is much easier to get others on the team to agree as well.

When it is time to create a new website for your church, it is a good idea to have the whole team on your side. This will ensure that you are able to get it done well and that everyone is happy with the final results.