Six Ways to
Promote your church Website

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Once you are done creating a website for your church, it is time for you to find a way to get more people to view the website. The best place to get started is with some of your own members. If you are looking to promote your website and increase how many people view the website on a regular basis, some of the simple steps you can follow include:

1. Use SEO

There are a number of different SEO tactics that you can use to help promote your website. These rules do change so you will need to keep up to date on them to see them work well. Some of the best steps to help you, at least following the current rules for SEO, include:

Always make sure that the keywords you choose are compatible with a voice search.

Use backlinks only when they are high-quality

Include content that is able to inform and engage with your viewers.

2. Create Your Own Google My Business Page

This does not take too long to set up and really makes it easier for your viewers to find you. Many people who search for your website want simple information like your address, phone number, and hours of operation. A My Business page from Google will put all of this information front and center for you, ensuring that your viewers will find it without getting frustrated.

3. Use Online Advertising

Google AdWords is a good option to use. While your church may show up on a general search if you are located in a small area, it is much harder if you are located in an area with a lot of churches. AdWords will help make sure that you can end up at the top of search lists when you purchase ads that relate to your church in that specific area.

4. Use Email

While texting and other options are gaining in popularity, many churches are finding that email is an effective way to reach others. You probably already have email addresses for the members of your church so it is a great way to share information about your church website with them that they do not know about.

5. Bring in that social media

You may not have time to spend time in all social media websites. So figure out the top ones that your members like to get information from. You can then add posts and other important information to the social media site with a link to your website to help increase the views to your website.

6. The importance of the church bulletin

There are still some of your members who will enjoy getting the bulletin when they go to the church service. They know this is a great way to find out about the church, the different services, the special announcements and more. This is also a place where you can promote your website and let others know what is going on. Make sure to list the links to your website right in the bulletin to make it easy.