Track ChurchCMS Attendance
with the Attendance Card

Track ChurchCMS Attendance with the Attendance Card

Did you know that your church can use Church CMS to track their own attendance?

Your church may record their attendance immediately from their cell phone using the Enrollment Card in Church Connect faster than you can say.... whooaaaa that's awesome. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Make a list of the people you'd like to identify.

Tags are similar to labels that can be applied to people. They're utilised for planning, organising, and, most importantly, keeping track of attendance. Start with creating an attendance tag and identifying all of the people for whom you want to keep track of attendance.

Step 2: Make an Attendance Event and assign Tags to it.

You must add the Identifier (or Tags) that are linked with an event in order to track attendance. For example, if you're tracking attendance with a "Sunday Worship" Badge, you'd add it to the event.

Step 3: In Church Link, make an attendance card.

The Attendance Card only needs to be added to Church Connect once, as it is designed to show on your Join Page on the day of the event. This gathering could be for worship, Sunday school, a small group, or something else entirely. This is based on the number of Attendance Events scheduled for that day.

Step 4: Have your people keep track of their time.

Your church can now use Church Connect to log in and track their participation. But grasp on! There's more to come...

Not only can your people keep track of their own attendance, but they can also keep track of their entire family's participation. Because membership tracking isn't geo-restricted, your audience at home who are viewing the live broadcast can also record their presence!


Keeping track of church attendance has never been easier than with Church Connect. Using a smartphone, you may track church attendance or Sunday school attendance in a matter of seconds.

Are you not keeping track of your church's attendance?

It shouldn't be difficult to keep track of your church's attendance. Start your Free Trial today and see why thousands of churches rely on Church CMS to manage church attendance, create a church website, and more.