Sermon Preparation Time with
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While preaching the Gospel is the major emphasis of most senior pastors, you have a lot more on your schedule than preparing a sermon for Sunday services. Pastors don't just work on Sundays; they also oversee a church staff, attend church board meetings, and more.

Every week, it's not easy to come up with a great message. There are a variety of sermon preparation software options available to assist you in more effectively and successfully composing your speeches.

What are the pros of using a digital tool to help you organize your sermon?

Access to Research Instantly:

Finding the proper illustration for your congregation or additional verses that relate into the main chapter can be time-consuming. After all, you want to provide messages that grab people's attention, draw them to Christ, and motivate them to change. Let all of our sermons be profitable in a pleasant way."

Many sermon preparation tools, fortunately, come with a searchable library of sermon images, commentaries, and even sermon outlines. You may rapidly access Scripture texts, comments on specific verses, sermon topic ideas, and more using these tools.

Organize Your Notes

Once you've decided on a topic and started writing an outline, designate a single platform for all info on a certain message or series to save time and mental energy. Rather than having a Word document on your computer, a whiteboard scribbled plan, and a slew of quotes or anecdotes stashed around the house, you may consolidate everything into a single, easily accessible area.

Digitally Revise

When you're not at work, inspiration might strike at any time. You might have an idea while waiting in line for hours. Or something about bedtime prayers reminded you of a verse to add in your sermon as you were putting the kids to bed. You could quickly pick out your phone and jot down some notes in your sermon prep tool or app in these situations.

Churchcms Sermon preparation software can save you time as you Endeavour to effectively share God's Word, whether you like to preach utilizing a topical, textual, or expository technique.

To make your sermons more productive, choose one of the four finest sermon preparation software solutions available:

Churchcms Sermon Planner

Sermon Developer is a Logos function that allows users to create messages using content from their Logos resources. Sermon Builder automatically recognizes Scripture references and incorporates the reference's full text into the message.

If you need slides for the main screen during a service, Sermon Builder generates them depending on your primary headings. You can also alter and add slides.

Sermons from Faithlife

Faithlife Sermons is a searchable database of sermon outlines, illustrations, photos, and graphics on a variety of topics. Another useful feature is the option to search for sermon examples based on a specific passage, topic, or keyword. Users can also look up information about forthcoming lectionaries and seasonal activities in the library. Other Faithlife products, such as the Logos Sermon Builder, Faithlife Proclaim, and others, are compatible with this tool.


Preaching is an online sermon editor with a template library, illustration ideas, commentary, and images. Users can save sermon topic ideas in the Ideas Archive, include notes and prompts in a sermon for preaching, share notes with team members, and create sermon slides in ProPresenter or PowerPoint. There's also a podium option, which allows ministers to preach from their tablet or smartphone.

Credential to the Ministry

Church Permit, developed by the same team behind Sermonary, contains tools to help pastors plan a whole year's worth of sermons. The platform contains images that may be shared on social media and on the church's website to promote each sermon. Pre-service countdown films, sermon visuals, and announcement packages (containing slides, bulletin graphics, and additional graphic layouts) are all included in Church Access.

Creator of Sermons

Sermon Creator is a sermon editor that you may use online. Users can arrange their own sermon collection, look for sermon topic ideas, and locate stories or images to go along with their lessons. The Sermon Analyzer, which provides metrics and analysis on your sermon, is also included in Sermon Maker.

None of these sermon preparation software alternatives, however, can substitute a pastor's unique experience and insights. They can, however, make a pastor's job a little easier. A tool that can help you save time by speeding up the process of obtaining research materials or illustrations, making sermon slides and images, and more.


The Churchcms platform was designed to assist you in engaging with the community you've worked so hard to create and serve. Allow members to take interactive sermon notes, listen to messages on the go, access small group content, check the prayer list, participate with the real-time church newsfeed, donate, and much more. It's never been easier to make a churchcms app.

Whether you have a question regarding features, trials, pricing, or require a demo, our team is here to help.